17 March 2012

How to handle a dummy...

I make quite a lot of dummies - some of you might have noticed... And since i´m living in a small country that haven´t quite figured out yet, that dummies should be available in shops on every street-corner (at a reasonable price!), i have to re-use the ones i have very often. I have a few tricks that might help making them last a bit longer, if you´re in the same situation.

This one is to be renewed for the third time:

For every (rather thick) layer of fondant, the dummy becomes heavier and heavier. If i knock it off everytime, the dummy will be more and more damaged, so i like to reuse the old fondant layer even though it has been bleached by the sun, or is very dusty. With a bit of luck i can scrape the dull surface of with a very sharp knife. If the old fondant layer has got left over colours from decorations that have been glued on, it might not be possible to get it all off. So that´s where you put flowers or other decorations when you re-decorate ;)

When the dull surface is scraped off, you´re left with a lot of sugar-dust, and some knife-sharp edges here and there. This can be smoothened with a damp scouring sponge. Not too wet mind, as water dissolves sugar. By giving the fondant a good scrub, most of the sharp edges will get smoothed away.
If you by accident knock off a big chunk of fondant, don´t worry - just fill the gap with soft fondant and try to disguise with flowers or other decorations. This open gap will be repaired and hidden with the new border, wich i will make sure to make wide enough to cover any cracks.

I found out that a meat-hammer (bought for only these purposes) is very useful to knock of hardened fondant! Both on boards and on dummies. Just have to be a bit carefull.

In other cases, if i choose to cover the dummy with a new layer of fondant, i mark with water, (never with edibles!) And only as showed here. If i spladder water all over the dummy, the fondant will be nearly impossible to remove next time without spoiling the precious little thing completely.

These were my tips on handling dummies, if you have other great tips, please share, i´d love to hear :)

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  1. Attach your fondant to the dummy with some shortening and it will come off much easier.
    Placing it in a dishwasher will melt the fondant right off.