19 December 2008

My cakes in 2008

The cakes i made in 2008 was mostly heavy calories. Only 1 dummy, and this was made for my first participation in Scandinavian Cakeshow. On a trip to France we stumbled over an old Romanesque chapel, used today as a vineyard, and this i used as inspiration to make my winecellar/fontaine cake.  It did not win, but is still one of my favorites.
Here´s hoping for lots of fun in a wold of sugar for everybody in 2009!


12 December 2008

Peaceful reindeer

I´m so in love with this design from "Wendy´s tarten", i´ve been looking for an occasion to make this for a long time.

The cake is for my daughter. This time, girls night at her school/club.
It´s a cinnamon cake with chocolate-cream covered with regalice with caramel-flavour. Colours used are Dark Brown, Ivory and soft pink from Americolors.

12.12.2009: This cake featured on Cakewrecks - luckily in their Sunday Sweets category, not amongst the wrecks ;-) I was very surprised to see it amongst all the other fantastic creations - it got a lot of comments, some very sharp onces too. :-)