31 March 2012

Blue easter

Using easter patchwork-cutters for ribbons this time. Much easier to use them for embossing, than using them as cutters, they are very detailled.

I like how this looks. It just had me thinking, Should i paint the details or not? It would have been nice with some spring colours on this but  i don´t think it was meant to be. (Or i´m too lazy ;)

Styrofoam egg on top with sugargun-string wound around.

24 March 2012


Cute easter-bunnies - inspired by the Oh deer-cake.
I forgot the whiskers, grrr...

20 March 2012

Easter Sheep in butter-flower field

So this is the renewed dummy from way back.
It now has a smooth white surface, and all the dust - and there was a lot - is gone.

Marbled eggs and spring flowers

The sheep in his little peacefull corner of the butter-flower field.

Tutorial - sheep

10 March 2012



I really, really love working with my new pearl silicone mold :)

02 March 2012

JEM Butterflies at Sofisticake

Evening-open at Sofisticake went really well, people were actually queuing outside the store before we opened!
It´s always nice to meet people who share the same passion as yourself, and also to say hello to a couple of Cakeryblog's regular readers, thanks for stopping by :)

I did a demo with JEM´s butterfly-cutters and the aid of the fantastic roller pad. Really great to work with, it only takes 5-10 minutes to make a perfect butterfly in 2 tones, and it is not difficult at all with a few tricks and tips. I hope JEM will make more of this kind of cutters.

These are all 2-toned, but i also made some in white, leaving out the little parts, creating a beautiful lace-effect. I´m sure the butterflies will also look great with a touch of edable gold paint, or with other dusting-colors - Like rainbow-colours and sparkles? :)