24 September 2012

Scandinavian Cakeshow 2012

This is what i brought to Scandinavian Cakeshow 2012 - a small piece for the danish table. Not much due to the everlasting lack of time, but i felt the need to contribute even a little something, because Tårtdecor puts so much effort in this arrangement to please all us scandinavian cake-nerds. :)

We had a great weekend, i got home quite late last night only to take an early morning flight to the other end of the country to participate in product training regarding aggregates to forklifters -what a contrast- so now i´ll drag myself to bed to recharge for working overtime most of this week. -Yay.

20 September 2012

Silly me for starting up a cake for the danish table at 5.30 this very late afternoon! It looks nice though, no show-stopper, that´ll be up to the other incredibly talented cake creators who participates in the competition :)
I can´t wait to let my self be intertained with beautiful cakes and great company this weekend!

Scandinavian Cakeshow

12 September 2012

Champagne Corks...

...paper airplanes and peppernuts from 2010, that's what our highly esteemed colleague throws with when he feels too bullied by us girls. Therefore, his 60th birthday cake of course had to look exactly like this
Chocolate mudcake with cognac-soaked cranberries and chocolate creme.

I tried to achieve cork-effect by sponging, dusting and painting.
 In addition to the cake, we celebrated by replacing his office-chair with an old rocking chair, birthday flags everywhere, a homemade Mayor chain and a birthday song when he least expected it.
I think he had a great day at work - i know we did! ;)

05 September 2012

Practicing the art of Royal Icing

This would be my 2. attempt of Eddie Spence-ish cake decorating... Or what´s left of it.

Lots and lots of Royal Icing has been scraped off again, including a lower Lambeth-method-piping border that made my eyes go sore...
...It´s all just because i´m missing the right sized tips!

02 September 2012

The art of Royal Icing

My latest book purchase.
Now there´s no excuse...