15 March 2013

Vintage Easter

The incredibly cute hare-picture is found at the Graphic fairy 

The top is stencilled - my aim was to make the colours look a
bit more patinised, but one only gets one shot at this, so...

03 March 2013

03 February 2013

Peanutbutter muffins

I found this recipe online that looked interesting. It called for peanutbutter and brown sugar and the divine smell of freshly baked muffins attracted the residents of the house, gladly offering their tastebuds...

We were all quite puzzled to find out that these little wonders tasted of absolutely nothing...?
 It helped a little with a fair amount of chocolate ganache.

But they look great, don´t they?
Never mind, they´re all going to the freezer, and will add texture to the next batch of truffles..

01 January 2013

My cakes in 2012

I made lots of dummies this year, mostly for a cosy little cake-supply shop in  Roskilde, wich i also got to tend a few times. Such fun! I also got to teach a Royal Icing course wich was a huge challenge, but went along well. 
I took a quick trip to Birmingham to visit Cake International fair, great to be back after missing out the last couple of years.

Most popular posts this year have been:

My little blog has been very well visited this year - according to my standards. Twice there´s been over 1.000 visitors on one day! Plus a couple of times 5-600 visits a day. Wow..

Thanks for stopping by in 2012!

I wish you all the best in 2013 - having fun in a world of sugar! :)