29 May 2011

Work in progress - and a great bargain!

I´m thinking of painting the accents i put on the scrolls with gold, and making large roses on top. But that´s not why i´m showing a half-done cake - i found a telescopic camera tripod on sale this week at Liddl and had to try it out:

I´ve been wanting one of these guys forever. Now i just need the rest to make my little hobby-studio complete! I feel so professional! Maybe i shoul some day soon learn how to take great photos without shadows and poor light :)

I´m currently working on this dummy, trying to make it fit a 1935 bourdeaux oldsmobile and a small airplane... My search on google for wedding cakes from the 30´s didn´t come up with anything useful:

I think a cake like this would break into pieces on the runway and it would probably not show at all on the photos.. (found at ruffled.com).

so i´m going for a cake that fits the car instead. I like it so far, but this is only the first step. I need flowers - i try to fight the urge of making large soft pink roses as toppers cause they wouldn´t fit the car. On the other hand i know i possibly can´t reach the bourdeaux colour the car has anyway. What to do, what to do... I´m thinking deep red roses and gold-accents?

23 May 2011

Cake for Sofie

Our daughters confirmation is well over,
we had the greatest party and she looked so beautiful our little girl :) 
The cake, a chocolate mud-cake with strawberry mousse, fresh strawberries and tiny
mint-leaves tasted delicious and was all eaten up - 
I was told several people went for second´s - way to go! :)

I meant to create a design especially for her, but she wanted the
white tiger i´ve made once before, so that´s what she got :)
I cut a stencil that´s quite useless, but it gives a good hint of the dimensions of the tiger to paint after.

 To every single one who helped make our daughter´s day one of her best ever,
thank you right from the bottom of our hearts! :)

15 May 2011

A yellow piece of fondant...

Late last night i decided to try out a new mold i just got. I had this chunk of yellow fondant and a leftover chocolate cake. This is what came out of it. -Pure fun! :)

08 May 2011

Brian vs. Holyfield

Boxing gloves made of truffle-dough - not because that is a good idea at all, but the cakes collapsed in the oven for some reason. I shaped the gloves a bit more upright, but they flowed out a little after covering with fondant unfortunatelly.

Since the boxers are of older vintage, i decorated the gloves the same way. Old and worn ;)

When i took the pics, i had just painted the whole thing with cocoa-water to add patina - hence the shine. It dried up nicely and looked great later on.

The flavor of the truffle-dough was chocolate mud-cake, raspberry mousse and chocolate butter creme. It was served with soft-ice and fresh berries and that definately was a perfect match!

Great game yesterday - Great night! :)