23 April 2011

The Lambeth

I got to try out the Lambeth method the other day, a popular cake-decoration technique from... way back.

I´ve made a couple of halv-hearted attempts before, but put it aside thinking i was doing it all wrong. Turns out i just needed the basic idea - and a lot of practice. Just like everything else sugar!

A friend and i attended a Lambeth beginners course (part two) with the Sif and this was the outcome.

Lambeth is an incredibly exiting way to decorate cakes, so very opulent and ornate and i hope i´ll get around to making more attempts in the future. -Just have to remember how extremely time-consuming the technique is.

I walked around the cake in circles a couple of days, trying to decide wether to paint it with gold lustre or not, but decided i had to see it with gold. Suddenly it´s a totally different cake, but i still like it.

-I can´t wait to see Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton´s wedding cake on Friday 29. of April. The cake is announced to have elements of the Joseph A. Lambeth method in its decoration! :)

History: (Source; Picked up here and there on the internet)

"The Lambeth Method is derived from a style of decorating that was popular in England where chefs and decorators would use a lot of intricate piping to create 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, vines and other decorations on cakes." 

"In 1934, Joseph A. Lambeth put out his own book on decorating cakes using the Lambeth method. The book was a how-to book and included many tips and lessons on using the Lambeth Method to create ornate scrollwork." 

-If you all promise NOT to compare with my cake, i`ll show you a real Joseph A. Lambeth-inspired cake here 

29.04.2011: Royal wedding cakes finally revealed - page 2 and 3. So incredibly beautiful i completely lost breathe! Both cakes compliments the beautiful couple perfectly.

Congratulations William & Catherine :)

21 April 2011

Easter Cookies

I continued with the purple-speckled pattern on these cookies. I think it´s so pretty and couldn´t come up with anything else i wanted to do. I bent the ears a bit on the small bunnies, it made them look nice and goofy :)

20 April 2011

Easter Truffles

The cutest small sweets for easter. Truffle-dough in a chocolate egg-mold covered in fondant, speckled with dark purple, white and gold.

18 April 2011

Painted easter cookies

Hand painted cookies. Frosted first with fondant, then painted with diluted food coloring.

16 April 2011

Easy Easter cookies

Super easy easter cookies. Patchwork cutters are great for imprints on cookie dough before baking, but almost any cutter is suitable.

Recipe here.