28 October 2010

Elegant Halloween Cake

This is a cinnamon/chocolate "Mad-Hatter/Whimsical" cake - Fun but difficult to do, it takes ages to get the off-proportions right! The pumpkin is a dummy, the rest is all edible. Luckily there are leftovers to bring to work tomorrow :-)

I think that has to be it with the Halloween stuff for this year - now whats next, christmas maybe? Yay! :-)

23 October 2010


 -Or something... This is the Halloween dummy I´ve been talking about..

It´s 24 cm tall and painted black with a sponge on dark grey sugarpaste.  Eyes are painted in different shades of yellow/green with gold- antique gold- and copper lustre dusts. Looks reeeeally cool in RL. Even cooler than this:

The skull is hand-molded in sugarpaste with a dresden tool.

Spidey does´nt show to well on photos, so here he is:

The legs are Royal Icing on wires, since nobody is going to eat it anyway.

So now i´ve made average Halloween cakesrustic Halloween cakes - only thing missing is an elegant Halloween cake... Stay tuned :)

Halloween Coming up.

I´m in Halloween-mode these days - Love these seasons that makes it make sense to do little fun projects now and again - often in the middle of the night.
I made these two are dummies when i was home alone mostly because i need to practice my Royal Icing skills.

Right now i´ve just finished a really dark, gothic -and maybe a little bit scary- Halloween mini cake (also a dummy) in three tiers with some more Royal Icing work. Just need some daylight to photograph it.

17 October 2010

Home Alone

I´m having a feast today!  All alone in the house, nobody disturbing and Anden on DVD in the background on repeat. Can it get any better?? I think not :-)
I recieved a much expected parcel from Squires the other day, and have been waiting impatiently to try these babies out!

I made a few small dummies last night and a lot of preparations - went to bed at 3.30 - and today i finished up, and rushed to take photos before daylight is gone:

Top view:

Today is a great day - wishing you all the same! :-)

10 October 2010

Festliga Tårtor - by Alice Lindberg

By Alice Lindberg

When i was in Sweden at Scandinavian Cakeshow, i got the chance to see Alice L again, and buy a copy of her first book - something i´ve been really looking forward to! When i was introduced to this fantastic world of sugar 5 or 6 years ago, she was one of the persons that really amazed me with her great skills and talent. Thank you Alice for signing my book, your words means a lot to me! You´re the best! :-)

Café Cake

I have two favourite chocolate-cake recipies, this is one of them:

I always make a double-batch - makes two round´s, 18cm and 20cm.
This one is the 18cm.

3 eggs - ½ dl strong coffee – 250g sugar – 3 teaspoons vanilla – 125g flour – 1 teaspoon baking powder – 2 tablespoons cocoa – 125g butter – 150g dark chocolate

Warm the eggs in a bowl of hot water. Gently warm up butter and chocolate in a casserole. Add coffee. Stir well and set to cool.

Butter up and line the baking tin - fits round 21cm.

Whip eggs and sugar to a fluffy consistence. Sift flour, vanilla, cocoa and baking powder and fold in. Pour/fold in the chocolate.

Pour into baking tin and put in the oven – 175g for aprox. 35minutes – check after 30 min. and add up 10 min. untill its done. Better 10 min. too much rather than too little. This won´t harm the cake!

It gets crisp on top, but nice and moist with an intense taste of chocolate inside.

I usually tip it over an a baking sheet paper to flatten the cake. This also softens the crisp top. After 10-15 minutes i tip it again, this time to flatten back the bottom of the cake.

When torted, it can crack if you´re not careful, but i just push it back together again when i add the filling between layers.

This recipe goes well with:
Chopped walnuts – or other nuts, Brandy-marinated cranberries, or with Chili added. -It can also be served as a brownie with sorbet icecream or whipped cream and fresh berries.

Fillings I use: Strawberry/raspberry mousse and/or different kinds of chocolate ganache.

The cake stays fresh for about 1 week in the fridge. Gets better day by day actually…Freezes well.