29 July 2012

Tart with Amarena cherries

Chopped chocolate melting on a hot tart..

Tart with sour creme/whipped cream with vanilla, dark chocolate, Amarena cherries and mint leaves from my herb-garden. - Danish recipe here

I have a strong feeling, this Fat Daddio baking tin and i will become very close friends! :)

28 July 2012


This dummy took like an hour or so to make - you gotta love the Blossom Sugar art molds for a fast production.

You simply roll out your fondant, cut with the cutter, place in the mold - press, and then you have the cutest little flower with amazing details. On the backside also!

The colour is Wiltons Pink Terracotta - nice :)


24 July 2012

Baby blue Regal Ice

Playing with Renshaws Regal ice, pre-dyed Baby blue. I´m not that big a fan of Regal Ice, but i found that adding a small amount of tylose powder to the fondant, it´s ok to work with, as this dummy shows. (pictures taken with an Iphone, through a window, and are not edited).
For borders and decorations a larger amount of tylose is needed.

Small crown from Patchwork cutters - The fondant holds shape nicely :)
Painted with Rainbow Dust Metallic´s, copper - Wow! Great to work with!

Rainbow Dust Metallic - Light silver - beautiful and delicate!

Rainbow Dust Metallic - Dark silver - so shiny.

Rainbow Dust Metallic - Dark gold - Wonderful.

Regal Ice on its own is not very useable for molds like the silicone-pearl mold, as the string of pearls breaks several times along the way when i try to remove it from the mold. But - by adding tylose again, it works!

Maybe Renshaws fondant is mostly for covering cakes? I don´t know for sure, but i know now that tylose powder does the trick for me anyways :)

16 July 2012


Strawberries dotted with yellow non-pareils :) Took some time but was fun!

10 July 2012

Summer holidays

At last summer holidays are here :)

With this cake from 2009 i wish you all a very happy summer!

08 July 2012

Rhubarb lemonade

An extremely refreshing drink on a hot summerday - and any other day in fact.
I love being able to decide wether to get pale or deeper colours by selecting very red rhubarb stems or the lighter ones.
I tried reducing the sugar to 200g and added a vanilla pod instead. I wouldn´t go lower on the sugar that just makes a bitter lemonade.

Get recipe here, at Camilla´s :)

In english:
500g sliced rhubarb stalks - 250g sugar (I use 200g) and 13 dl of water (I use 15 dl).

Heat up slowly and quickly remove the pot when it hits boiling temperature or else the lemonade looses it´s divine colour. Sift through a cloth and let cool down. Rinse the lemonade-bottles with alcohol before filling  them.

The remaining rhubarb-pulp can be used in tarts, fruit porridge, pastries, jam with icecream, compote, trifles etc.