26 February 2011

FAQ - How to get started?

If i should start cake-decorating from scratch today, i would definately prioritize the shopping-list as follows:

2 smoothers - for smoothing the cake sides and top
3 different paste food colours, maybe red, blue, yellow
A dresden tool - indispensable for modelling
A small palette knife - excellent for lifting, cutting and shaping sugarcraft.
A balling tool - for rolling and cupping really thin flower petals
A foampad - useful for thinning petal and leaf edges on with the balling tool
A make-up brush - Useful to dust off the cake without leaving marks
Icing tips, -coupler and disposable bags - for Royal icing work
Small painting brushes

I would make my self a "duster" (foamwipes with maizena), and settle with my old wooden rolling pin and my very useful leaf-veiners right in the palm of my hand.
I would find a ruler, scissors, toothpicks, tweezers, straws and anything else useful around the house. Then i would wish for a toolbox for my birthday to save the little treasures in. A large one, cause they multiply quickly!

With just these few supplies and a good deal of imagination it´s possible to make beautiful cakes!

When you´re hooked on this hobby, and makes cakes for ANY occasion, timesavers could be:

A sugargun
A ribbon-cutter and/or a border tool
5-petal cutters and rose-leaf cutters in different sizes
Small rolling pins with or without pattern

...And then comes the rest! Molds, large rolling pin, impression-mats, edible glitters, sprays, other flower cutters, wires and tapes, kitchen aids, an even larger toolbox etc.

You'll never have to be in doubt when people ask what you want for Christmas anymore :)

19 February 2011

Inspired by PP.

This is a mini dummy i made yesterday - inspired by one of peggy Porchens wonderful cakes. Of course a less sophisticated version since the main purpose of it was to test the fondant.

The stringwork is made with my sugargun and took forever, but i´m just glad i could get the fondant out of the gun at all, and even with the smallest disk :)

13 February 2011

Mini Cat Cake

A chocolate cake with caramel-creme and chopped Marabou-Polka mint chocolate. I made the caramel all by myself, by boiling a can of condensed milk for 3 hours :)

This was for my mother´s birthday - she has a thing with cats.

10 February 2011

Pink rocky Heart

I love pastels, especially when they´re matched with an edgy contrast such as rocks or other sharp elements/colours. The dark grey and the soft pink is one of my all time favourites.

Tomorrow i think i´ll show something completely different. Kind of a trend these days, if you wander around home-baking-blog-land. At least i see them everywhere - maybe you can guess? I bet you can.

-And since it has nothing to do with Valentine, i´ll have to improvise...

05 February 2011


A small Valentines - dummy.  The ribbon is supposed to look like real ribbon, hence the slightly skewed appearence.

The bottom of each cake is a wide band imprinted with a small texture sheet from makins. (Clay-toys, not food-toys)! The top is imprinted with different size of heart-cutters.