19 March 2011

Maileg Bunnies

A dummy i made with Maileg bunnies.

Cute, cute Maileg-bunnies! :) 

A tiled border - loved making this! Not as hard to make as i feared. I used my patchwork diamond design cutter for the first time i think, since i bought it 5 years ago...
The hearts and eggs are cut out from embossed pieces of fondant.

16 March 2011

Waiting for easter...

It´s a bit early, but whilst waiting for easter i thought i´d show a couple of my earlier easter-projects - and two sneak peeks:

Sugarcraft from 2010:

2009 - A chocolate truffle-cake

Easter Cookies 2009:

I have made a couple of easter-projects already, and will -of course- show... in time ;)
Sneak peek:

12 March 2011


A quick birthday cake to celebrate our beautiful little niece´s 11. year:)

It´s a chocolate mud-cake with a thin spread of apricot porridge, generously sprinkled with chopped mint-chocolate between the three layers. The apricot porridge with its neutral taste, leaves the moist mud-cake even more moist, and transforms the chopped mint-chocolate into sort of a chocolate cream. A little experiment i made, and now i´ve tasted it, i´ll definately use it again. I don´t think it can get any easier! :)

My mom helped me decorate this, both the cake and the design, she rolled the border and made the tiny flower-centres all by herself! I really enjoyed this.

05 March 2011


The teddy is from the Cath Kidston themed cake i made for a competition in 2009.

I saved the teddy and later on put it on this little dummy and brought it along with me to Scandinavian cakeshow i Sweden in 2010. -As a display-cake.

After that it has been on display at Sofisticake, a small cake-supply shop, for a couple of years. It sure has been "Oohh-ed and Aaahh-ed" at many times :)

02 March 2011

FAQ - How to make beautiful cakes

There are many great tutorials on the internet, and i´ve collected a few regarding the most frequently asked questions i get about cake-decoration. These are as close to my way of doing things as i could find without having to create my own videos :)

How to slice and frost a cake with buttercream

  • Mostly for fun, but he do use a great technique for slicing/torting the cake - i would hold back on the syrup though! :)

How to fill a cake
  • How i do it, except after danish standards, i would slice/torte those two cakes each into two or three layers.

How to crumb coat a cake
  • I would stop the buttercream fun here - and go for covering the cake with sugarpaste/fondant.

How to ice a cake
  • -But if you like to avoid sugarpaste/fondant, this is how. I prefer using a piping bag to distribute my icing with though. This way i can half the recipe and i don´t have to bounce the cake around.

How to cover a square cake with fondant
  • Most important here; Fit the corners first and the rest will go like a breeze.

 How to cover a round cake with fondant
  • I just love this guys pink rollingpin!

How to stack cakes
  • I use straws. The large, regular ones. I´ve never needed the stronger ones. Maybe my cakes are´nt as heavy as the english/american cakes?

How to make roses, using a 5-petal cutter:

Part 1: Rose bud
Part 2: Medium size rose
Part 3: Full size rose
  • I always use water or clear alcohol to glue the parts with.

Other great tutorials on the net: