27 October 2009

Witch´s shoe

This was my shoe attempt no. 2, a (sophisticated?) witch´s shoe.

21 October 2009

Sugar Shoes

Haunted House

Inspired by Norman Bates´ house and the haunted house at Euro Disney (which is also inspired by Norman Bates´s house :-). This chocolate cake my daughter brought to school today.
I totally rushed this one - only the front is decorated..
I so loved making this, imagine what i could´ve done with it, if time was´nt a factor!

04 October 2009

Mini Tarts

I bought some cute cutters when i was in Sweden some time ago. I had a big chunk of truffle-dough left overs, so i made these little treats.

This would be my favourite. So cute :)

Posted by Vibeke (min-kage) Sun, October 04, 2009 19:33:23

Årh hvor er de fine. Jeg er også helt vild med den fine bamse. Rigtig kært -s-

Posted by Marie - Cakes and Sweets Tue, October 20, 2009 19:09:04

Åh! vad söta de är!!! Något av det gulligaste jag sett!!!!

Kram Marie

Posted by Piamarianne Sat, October 24, 2009 00:01:28

Tak skal i have, jeg er glad for i kan lide dem :-)