29 November 2010

Winter´s definately here!

A wintery cake just for fun. We have snow everywhere now and it´s such a pretty sight.
I thought i had a solution for my daylight-problem - or lack of daylight - but no, i just got a lot of shadows on my pictures. It does make the embossing stand out though.

I need a studio! -And a couple of photo-courses...

21 November 2010

Coming up....

Winter is approaching and with that, the lack of decent daylight to photograf cakes and many other interesting creations that i´m doing these days.
Today i´ve been preparing some christmas-cookies with a bunch of beautiful cake-ladies, now i just have to finish the last details and take photo´s of them. An achievement in it self - how to catch daylight, when it is dark in the morning when i go to work and dark in the afternoon when i get home....!

These are from 2007.

14 November 2010

1000 Ideas for free. *Ended*

I was earlier on this year invited to contibute some of my work to a project called:1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes Release date 01 November 2010 - 320 pages.

I´m quite thrilled to see my humble work amongst kings and queens of cakes! The book has a great layout (that matters!) and is put together really well. It´s a pure cornucopia of ideas and inspiration - and i´m fussy with cakes!

-Actually I´m so pleased with it, that i would like to give a free example away. - I´ll draw lots between my followers in mid-december as a thank-you-guys for following my humble efforts in cake decoration :)

This means that you don´t have to do anything at all, but wait for me to contact you - and recieve your free example of 320 pages of well-illustrated cake-joy!

Merry Christmas in advance! ;)

13 November 2010


I love stencilling on cakes, but i hate working with it. I find it really hard to get razor sharp, and what to do if it gets all diffused? Pretty hard to re-do i gather. There are several ways to use stencils on cakes, i used edible pearl spray on the top of this dummy and on the cake board. On the border i held the stencil to the cake and painted with edible silver dust.
I think i´ll stay with stencilling on cookies with Royal Icing, that´s safer :-)

01 November 2010

Final Halloween cake!

I know i made the impression that i was´nt making anymore Halloween-cakes, but this one slipped through the backdoor without me hardly noticing it! Sofie helped, she wrote the tombstones and provided her mum with coffee :)
For Parents' evening at my daughter´s school tonight, whilst the parents were talking, the pupils ate cake! :)