18 April 2012

Petit Green Maggie

I love Maggie Austin cakes, her style is both delicate and rough in such a sophisticated way.
This is my version of one of her designs. This was fun to make!

A small Cinnamon/Vanillacream cake - no dummy this time! :)

11 April 2012

Teddy bear picnic

The result of practicing for yet another succesful demonstration at Sofisticake´s. This time i demonstrated The Teddy bear picnic Patchwork-cutters.

So great to meet readers of my little blog - Thanks for showing up :)
 I found an alternative way to use the cutters by the way,
can´t wait to show :)

07 April 2012

05 April 2012

Flower tapestry

This is a very small dummy i made a while ago covered with 5-petal thin fondant-flowers. Somewhat time-consuming, but worth the effort, i think.

I imagine if you´d decorate a real cake this way, it should be quite firm and very well cooled not to dent. With larger cakes, larger flowers should definately be used.