18 April 2012

Petit Green Maggie

I love Maggie Austin cakes, her style is both delicate and rough in such a sophisticated way.
This is my version of one of her designs. This was fun to make!

A small Cinnamon/Vanillacream cake - no dummy this time! :)


  1. Det er en virkelig flot kage. Hvordan har du opnået det resultat?

  2. Smuk og forårsagtig i farven :-)

  3. You´ve got a great blog and marvelous hands to creat all those goodies! Here´s a new follower from Spain. And this petit green maggie is gorgeous!

  4. ..man bliver så glad af dine flotte kager..

  5. Mange tak skal i have Lene og Lone :)
    Anonymous; Det er strimler af supertyndt rullet fondant der er lagt på siderne. Blomsterne er lavet i en "klap-sammen" form.
    Lucy; Welcome - nice to see you here, what beautiful butterflies you have on your page :)

  6. Such a pretty cake! I have to find time to make this ruffle cake! I too love Maggie Austin cakes too!