25 September 2011


Smurfette-cake for our good friends daughters birthday.
A Vanillacake with strawberrymousse and chocolatecreme.

Wouldn´t it have looked adorable, if i had remembered to put little toadstools on, like i planned!?

Of course blue inside.
 I don´t think i like these coloured cakes, but the kids sure did :)

20 September 2011

Popcake winner is...

Bianca from Bianca's Kageverden, Congratulations! :)

I hope you'll find great inspiration in the book. I saw on your blog that you have a birthday coming up - hurry up and send me your adress at piamarianne@kageriet.net maybe it will arrive just in time! :)

About the Popcakes... I haven't found the time yet - the garden needs closure before winter comes amongst many other things, but i know the design i want to use eventually :)

09 September 2011

Hand painted Cupcake disks

Still painting... This time on disks for Poppy seed-citrus cupcakes
(try saing that fast 3 times :) -with Wiltons ready-made frosting.
I added zest from 2 limes and 1 lemon plus 1 table spoon poppy-
seeds to a plain vanilla cupcake-recipe.

The motives i made are more simple than they look; my kind of craft! :)

Tutorial here

***Don´t forget the POP-cake give-away - there´s still time to enter***

Tutorial: Handpainted flower disks

Tools: Brushes no 1 or 2, white and brown edible colour,
clear alcohol for thinning the colour, a spatula to move the
disks around if necessary, plus a plate to mix the colour on.

1. step: Draw the outline with the tip of the brush in an upright position

2. step: Adjust the outline and start filling out with the white colour.
Make sure to use a very thin layer, or else it won´t dry up.

Mixing the colours. By adding a drop of clear alcohol
after mixing, the colours become more fluid.

3. step: Adding the branches. Because i don´t mix the
brown colour completely, i have several shades to use
wich makes them look more vivid. I use the tip of the
brush to "dot" lille leaves

4. step: "Dot" a half-circle center for the flower.
Best to let the white flower dry completely as the
colours tend to blend a bit.

Cupcakes with handpainted flower disks here

The fondant-disks are aprox. 4mm thick and have been drying for a couple of days on both sides.
Still they became a little soft when put on the frosting. Next time i´ll try using flowerpaste, it might be better.

02 September 2011

Painting course at Sofisticake

I was thrilled to attend a course at Sofisticake with Malene, who is an educated Royal Copenhagen painter. I hope there´ll be a part II, III and more, because it was extremely interesting and she´s a great teacher.

We practiced basic stroking-techniques - really difficult although it looked so simple when she demonstrated.

 Most important - the course gave me lots of inspiration to carry on at home. These are painted with Wiltons white icing colour.


Taking a break from stroking...

-And taking it a bit further - just to see if i could. This is an image of Mads Stage (hence the initials on the heart), painted on the cookie with a picture lying beside me. This attempt is good enough for me - Note to self; Never say you can´t.

I tried out roses too...

There´s room for improvement, but i did surprise myself with these ones and
i´m looking forward to refine my efforts. I´ll definately get on with practising!
First step will be shopping for better brushes and lots of coloured dusts.
Hope you like them :)