27 August 2011

Tutorial: Cakebites

I always manage to need just that size of cupcake cases i don´t have in my rather large collection. Maybe it´s common knowledge, but a while ago i found out that by using the same cutter i want for my cakebites, i can fit the cupcake case just the size i like.

Just like this!
Thought i´d share, because it´s a great help for me and now i don´t
have to buy all these irregular cupcake case sizes that don´t really fit anyway.

This is for my mother-in-laws birthday tomorrow :) A regular chocolate-cake, spiced up just a bit. I baked a large round cake, torted it and cut out round pieces. Between two round pieces of cake, i put a dot of apricot glaze. Mostly for moisture, and to highlight the chocolate-taste. On top, i also put a dot of apricot-glaze, a few blue-berries and some peanutbutter creme.

And then a collar of dark chocolate creme. Voila!
Nice and easy, and i´m thinking it´ll taste great tomorrow :)

21 August 2011

POPcake give-away *Ended*

The cupcake-craze is definately followed by a POPcake-craze in cake-world/blog-land. I haven´t tryed them out yet, because covering with melted chocolate/candy/fondant is not my thing, but since i claim that anything is possible with sugar, and one should never underestimate the power of beginners luck, of course i´ll give it a go. So it´s on the list!

But as for now i have a copy of this fantastic POPcake-book to give away to one of my followers. The book explains very well how to make POPcake´s from A to Z, and there are many great designs in it too.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a quick comment so i know if you´re interested. (Of course you´re interested, but maybe you have a copy already :-)

Deadline is 20th of september. -By then i hope i´ve found time to make some POP´s!

13 August 2011

Katie Alice inspired

Inspired by some of Katie Alice´s beautiful designs. I used in-lays technique on the two bottom dummies, (stamped out dots, flowers and leafs and replaced with other colours after covering "cakes" with fondant) it could be quite a challenge to use on real cakes, they certainly would have to be well cooled and firm, preferably without filling.

Colours are; Americolor Turquoise, Ivory, Avocado and dusty rose. Painted details: SK´s Bulrush

07 August 2011

Black and White Cuteness

So this is Black and White Cuteness - A pile of panda´s :)

I like how this turned out. Hope you like it too :)

06 August 2011

Tutorial - Black and White Cuteness

I saw a cute little gif somewhere on the internet once (think it was MySpace) and it was the inspiration for this cute dummy.

Here is a tutorial for making the panda-topper:

Round balls of fondant - flattened with the palm of your hand.

JellyBean-shaped pieces of fondant

Glued together.. 

Like this.

Arms and legs

Stacking the fondant bits..

For the eyes.

Glue legs, little tails and eyes on the panda´s and you´re done. :)