06 August 2011

Tutorial - Black and White Cuteness

I saw a cute little gif somewhere on the internet once (think it was MySpace) and it was the inspiration for this cute dummy.

Here is a tutorial for making the panda-topper:

Round balls of fondant - flattened with the palm of your hand.

JellyBean-shaped pieces of fondant

Glued together.. 

Like this.

Arms and legs

Stacking the fondant bits..

For the eyes.

Glue legs, little tails and eyes on the panda´s and you´re done. :)


  1. Nej, de tkanjeg faktisk ikke. Jeg var ellers spændt på at se hvad det endte med.

  2. Oh my god, i just love this cake!!!

  3. oh my - that is the cutest thing!

  4. Hello PiaMarianne,
    I joined your site and send a request to be friends on flickr as well. Love your work. You make great cakes.

  5. Thank you - I think it came out cute myself :)

    Sugar´nSweetCakes; Thanks, I joined your BEAUtiful site too, very interesting. Oh, and i love your Slash-cake and the Margaret Braun-video! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. You're welcome (love your scrolls on the baroque cake btw)

  7. So so so so cute! I'm thinking that I want to make this for the staff morning tea now. Everybody would be falling over themselves at the cuteness.*_*

  8. ooooooooooow bellissimo!!!
    passa da me http://bebettassweeties.blogspot.it/

  9. kj;alksdfja;ldjfa! Sooooooooo cute! I can barely contain myself! Thanks for posting a tutorial!