30 July 2011

Pale blue with roses

I bought a shirt in London on our holiday, looking almost like this. Ain´t that nice :) 
I also bought a medium single-rose mould, i wanted the three-rose mould too but it was sold out. Instead i used only half the amount of fondant in the mold, trimmed a bit, and got nice little rose-buds. One mould saved!

26 July 2011

Wiltons Baroque

Trying out my new mold from Wilton - Baroque mold. Great to work with, i love where Wilton are going these days - some new thinking and if i may say so improvement of cutters amongst other. I bought it at Sofisticake and perhaps this little styrofoam dummy gets to stay there for a bit.

The scrolls are painted with golden lemon from edable art. -The favourite!

13 July 2011

FAQ - How to store a cake

When i store a cake with fondant in a fridge i never wrap it, nor do i box it. I crumble up ½ a roll of kitchen towel and stuff it around the cake -making sure it doesn´t touch it- to attract the moist from the fridge so that the cake won´t. I find that the more vegetables and fruits are stored in the fridge at the same time, the more humidity the cake attracts and the more it sweats when it´s taken out. Therefore i make sure everything else apart from the cake is properly wrapped.

How not to store a cake; 
I suspect my cake below was stored in a large fridge with open cans of chopped fruit in syrup (one of the components in the dessert we had). I know for a fact that it was in a fridge, and that it was taken out at least 2 hours before this picture was taken. Under normal circumstances the cake would have dried up again after aprox. 1 hour. In addition, someone had by accident rubbed the tiger with...their belly, perhaps?
I was not allowed in the kitchen when i brought the cake and accepted this because i´m a polite person, but i think next time i´ll have to insist on handling it myself. ;) Then i would´ve been able to avoid this:

See the cake before it was stored improperly here

09 July 2011

Practicing photography

Playing around with this gorgeous olds-mobile, a wedding-cake and the art of photography. Just for fun, the pictures are not for any special use. I was surprised how many tiny details you have to be aware of, trying to get a really nice shot. Very interesting to participate in.

I think i might actually have lost my heart a little bit to this car... :)
It runs like a dream and the sound of the engine..

This is my favourite shot. I like the beautiful, shiny car up against the rustic barn. Notice the exterior passenger seats in the back? Fits 2 people like a glove. The candles are the only thing i´ve edited. -One had blown out.

The cake on its own. A dummy with brown scrolls put together from 2 different moulds. The scrolls are painted with a tiny amount of gold-dust dissolved in clear alcohol just to add a little shine. The rose is made on a styrofoam-egg.

Photographer: Søren Westergaard

These photos are taken at sort of a private event at a runway in Grønholt in the finest company, great people with vintage cars, a Ford Mustang, the Oldsmobile from 1935 - one of a kind, and a custom made bike by Jesse James!! I used to love watching Monster Garage with my dad - I never in a million years thought i would be standing next to one of their bikes :)

We got a ride in the plane in the background and my daughter got to steer it for a while. The smile on her face!

04 July 2011

Cookie give-away? *Ended*

I´m making room for more sugarwork in me ol´ cupboard and was wondering if anyone would be interested in these cute cookies - and these? I would hate to throw them out.

You can leave a comment here, if you are interested. (If several are interested, I will draw lots among followers a week from now).

PS: The cookies are overdue and more thought of as decoration-items.