29 May 2011

Work in progress - and a great bargain!

I´m thinking of painting the accents i put on the scrolls with gold, and making large roses on top. But that´s not why i´m showing a half-done cake - i found a telescopic camera tripod on sale this week at Liddl and had to try it out:

I´ve been wanting one of these guys forever. Now i just need the rest to make my little hobby-studio complete! I feel so professional! Maybe i shoul some day soon learn how to take great photos without shadows and poor light :)

I´m currently working on this dummy, trying to make it fit a 1935 bourdeaux oldsmobile and a small airplane... My search on google for wedding cakes from the 30´s didn´t come up with anything useful:

I think a cake like this would break into pieces on the runway and it would probably not show at all on the photos.. (found at ruffled.com).

so i´m going for a cake that fits the car instead. I like it so far, but this is only the first step. I need flowers - i try to fight the urge of making large soft pink roses as toppers cause they wouldn´t fit the car. On the other hand i know i possibly can´t reach the bourdeaux colour the car has anyway. What to do, what to do... I´m thinking deep red roses and gold-accents?


  1. Hvorfor ikke lave de der scrolls i bordeaux og give dem en gang lak? Selvfølgelig kan du ramme farven.

  2. Naa, jeg har sat kugler på og maler dem nok med guld. Det har taget flere timer så jeg orker ikke at lave dem om :) Hvad er det for en lak du nævner? Er det "snude-bille-lakken"?

  3. You have the makings for a perfect backdrop.. I have to invent all of mine.... "sigh"...