01 January 2013

My cakes in 2012

I made lots of dummies this year, mostly for a cosy little cake-supply shop in  Roskilde, wich i also got to tend a few times. Such fun! I also got to teach a Royal Icing course wich was a huge challenge, but went along well. 
I took a quick trip to Birmingham to visit Cake International fair, great to be back after missing out the last couple of years.

Most popular posts this year have been:

My little blog has been very well visited this year - according to my standards. Twice there´s been over 1.000 visitors on one day! Plus a couple of times 5-600 visits a day. Wow..

Thanks for stopping by in 2012!

I wish you all the best in 2013 - having fun in a world of sugar! :)