23 April 2011

The Lambeth

I got to try out the Lambeth method the other day, a popular cake-decoration technique from... way back.

I´ve made a couple of halv-hearted attempts before, but put it aside thinking i was doing it all wrong. Turns out i just needed the basic idea - and a lot of practice. Just like everything else sugar!

A friend and i attended a Lambeth beginners course (part two) with the Sif and this was the outcome.

Lambeth is an incredibly exiting way to decorate cakes, so very opulent and ornate and i hope i´ll get around to making more attempts in the future. -Just have to remember how extremely time-consuming the technique is.

I walked around the cake in circles a couple of days, trying to decide wether to paint it with gold lustre or not, but decided i had to see it with gold. Suddenly it´s a totally different cake, but i still like it.

-I can´t wait to see Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton´s wedding cake on Friday 29. of April. The cake is announced to have elements of the Joseph A. Lambeth method in its decoration! :)

History: (Source; Picked up here and there on the internet)

"The Lambeth Method is derived from a style of decorating that was popular in England where chefs and decorators would use a lot of intricate piping to create 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, vines and other decorations on cakes." 

"In 1934, Joseph A. Lambeth put out his own book on decorating cakes using the Lambeth method. The book was a how-to book and included many tips and lessons on using the Lambeth Method to create ornate scrollwork." 

-If you all promise NOT to compare with my cake, i`ll show you a real Joseph A. Lambeth-inspired cake here 

29.04.2011: Royal wedding cakes finally revealed - page 2 and 3. So incredibly beautiful i completely lost breathe! Both cakes compliments the beautiful couple perfectly.

Congratulations William & Catherine :)


  1. Wow, you really blow my mind with your talent, I'd love to try something sometime at this caliber, where should I start?

  2. Fantastisk Pia, du har godt styr på det allerede, men havde heller ikke forventet andet fra din hånd :-)
    Min dummie fra mit Sif-kursus sidste år, står stadig og pirer min nysgerrighed for at springe ud i Lambeth igen, men mangler altså lige et par tyller, så ender nok med at skulle have det hele genopfrisket når jeg når dertil - ha, ha, ha...
    Rigtig god påske.

  3. Thank you elle marie :) You should give it a try then! I´m not that good at piping myself, but with the right instructions it is possible even though. You could start with a class, or even better, with bying Joseph A. Lambeth´s book. It is available on the net i´ve heard, a bit expensive though.. I´m considering just that.

    Tak Anne, godt at høre at du har høje forventninger til mig ;) God påske til dig også.

  4. Så otroligt vackert detta! Väldigt sugen på att testa, även om det kanske är lite avancerat för mig. Får hålla utkik efter kurs i närheten av mig.

  5. I'm afraid spending that much on a book is completely out of the question with my current budget. I really wish someone would do some youtube tutorials demonstrating some of these techniques. There is really no information to be found without going to classes, and I am afraid there are many who cannot afford them in this economy. Your cake is very lovely though.

  6. I loved seeing your cake, it brought back lovely memories, my Grand Mother used to decorate cakes with this method over 70 years ago, I can't believe it has come back into fashion.

  7. I am glad to hear that, Sandra. This technique is far to interesting to become extinct ever, i hope :)

  8. bellissimo!!!!! nice!! fantastic!!! wow!!