07 February 2010

Super Bowl

Imagine how this mess turns into a cool Saints cake in "just a few" hours!

At this point, it´s just a chocolate cake in a funny shape...

Now its a chocolate cake, ready for the fun part! -Covering the fleur de lis in sugarpaste.
-Hm, how to smooth the sides...?!

I rolled out a long, wide band of sugarpaste and secured it around the side of the cake. Using a thin rolling-pin, i rolled my way around, smoothing the sides nicely.

Cutting the centre Super Bowl logo was quite a challenge!

The top is made of cut out pieces of sugarpaste, inlays-technique. Also a challenge as i (again) baked too big a cake - The board is 40cm!

I loved every single part of this project, thanks to my cousin´s husband for keeping me on my toes! -And for drawing such a great sketch to work from :-)

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03 February 2010

French Maccarons

French Maccarons are such fun to do, and they taste like pure heaven! Even though i usually double the recipe there´s still never enough! These are almond maccarons with a dark chocolate/nougat ganache.