21 December 2012

Gingerbread Royal Icing house

This years gingerbread house is inspired by techniques found in Eddie Spence´s book.
I love the lightbulbs over the door - they are not from the book though...

The inside of the house is a mess, royal icing all over the "floor" so i had to shield off the windows.
Luckily My little bakery shared her beautiful gingerbread house, giving med an idea how to.

Tip; After baking, the walls dried up with a big curve, but after 8-10 seconds in the microwave I could carefully press them down so they became totally flat. After cooling on the counter with a little weight on top, they held the shape nicely.

I had this "canvas" on the backside of the house, but no idea how to decorate it,
so i played around a little. The lantern is a pattern from the book.

The reindeer and its pup :) -And the scallop piped rope/running bead,
which I´m very proud of, because it was really hard to make!
It doesn´t show very much, but its on the cookie-base along the house.

Merry, merry Christmas all :)

06 December 2012

Christmas tree

Christmas dummy.

Once again, textures from EdibleCreators,  love these.

The tree is made by piping royal icing shells on a styrofoam cone and is "recycled" from last year 
- I´m so lazy!

02 December 2012

Christmas cake

I brought this christmas cake back from Birmingham to share with my colleages come december, and it has not been easy not to take a bite or two because it smells simply divine! -And i know it tastes great, because i had more than a few tastings at the stand...
I love the texture on these cakes. I soaked the cake thoroughly with my husband´s brandy, I don´t know if that´s the way to treat it, but i bet it´s pretty tasty :) Can´t wait - I´ll have to try making these cakes myself.

The cover is marzipan fondant, not too easy to paint on as the wetness draws out in the marzipan.