21 December 2012

Gingerbread Royal Icing house

This years gingerbread house is inspired by techniques found in Eddie Spence´s book.
I love the lightbulbs over the door - they are not from the book though...

The inside of the house is a mess, royal icing all over the "floor" so i had to shield off the windows.
Luckily My little bakery shared her beautiful gingerbread house, giving med an idea how to.

Tip; After baking, the walls dried up with a big curve, but after 8-10 seconds in the microwave I could carefully press them down so they became totally flat. After cooling on the counter with a little weight on top, they held the shape nicely.

I had this "canvas" on the backside of the house, but no idea how to decorate it,
so i played around a little. The lantern is a pattern from the book.

The reindeer and its pup :) -And the scallop piped rope/running bead,
which I´m very proud of, because it was really hard to make!
It doesn´t show very much, but its on the cookie-base along the house.

Merry, merry Christmas all :)


  1. Pia Marianne - intet mindre end smukt
    Glædelig jul
    Knus Lone

  2. Årets højdepunkt - at se dit julehus :)
    God jul

  3. Tak Lone og Tak Nanna for de pæne ord! Det varmer meget, når man sidder med et ømt håndled - Rigtig god jul til jer og jeres familier :)

  4. Utrolig flot og gennemført julehus. Kan sagtens forestille mig smerterne i dit håndled for der gemmer sig mange timers arbejde bag dette flotte værk

  5. Glæedelig Jul og God NYtår Pia det hus er fantastisk, meget flot og pas på din håndled smukke.

  6. Det er fantastisk! Du har virkelig styr på dit RI arbejde :-)
    Glædelig jul