29 June 2011

Rhubarb pie

This is the simplest recipe ever. Only takes a split-second and tastes delicious. I´ve had the recipe for about 15 years and tend to forget about it now and then, only to get pleasantly surprised when i bake it again :)  Any sort of fruit goes, and if you´re not fond of sour creme on it´s own, stir it up with vanilla.
- or even better, serve with icecream. This time i added a couple of tablespoons almond-flour just because i had it, and it made it just a wee more delicat. I´m sure it would go well with chopped nuts too.. or grated marzipan...Maybe a pinch of lime/ginger spice? The variations are endless! :)

Now for the recipe:

2 eggs - 200g melted butter - 500g sugar - 3 dl milk - 350g flour - 2 teaspoons baking powder - fruit of any kind.

Mix together, pour into a greased pie-dish (30cm in diam. or in small ramekins) and bake for 30 minutes on 180 degrees. Decorate with what you have.

Told you it was easy :)

18 June 2011

Naughty Cake

A chocolate cake with strawberries and bourbon vanilla creme. The zebra print is black fondant pieces placed on thin white fondant and then rolled very thin. Loved doing this, i will definately have to make both cakes and cupcakes with zebra-print!

This cake is for a young man who celebrates his confirmation today - we discussed what he would really like - and there´s no way getting around this, this is the thing these days! :) I hope it´s not too naughty though.
Congrats cousin -We´re looking forward to the party!

13 June 2011

Eddie Spence...

I have been struggling with Royal icing all day, and i think it´ll take a whole lot more practice yet....

But it´s great fun, and I will probably give it another go...one day. -Maybe.

The result... Ambitions scaled down quite a bit, according to the original plans with this cake, but it was just really really hard to get the right Eddie Spence-curves all in all...

The patterns are taken from this wonderful book.