18 June 2011

Naughty Cake

A chocolate cake with strawberries and bourbon vanilla creme. The zebra print is black fondant pieces placed on thin white fondant and then rolled very thin. Loved doing this, i will definately have to make both cakes and cupcakes with zebra-print!

This cake is for a young man who celebrates his confirmation today - we discussed what he would really like - and there´s no way getting around this, this is the thing these days! :) I hope it´s not too naughty though.
Congrats cousin -We´re looking forward to the party!


  1. Wow!!!very very nice!!!!! :)

  2. it is so funny and naughty cake..too look sexy..very different thinking of this one..good making..well about this..i love this cake..thanks for sharing here with us..

    seo usa