07 February 2010

Super Bowl

Imagine how this mess turns into a cool Saints cake in "just a few" hours!

At this point, it´s just a chocolate cake in a funny shape...

Now its a chocolate cake, ready for the fun part! -Covering the fleur de lis in sugarpaste.
-Hm, how to smooth the sides...?!

I rolled out a long, wide band of sugarpaste and secured it around the side of the cake. Using a thin rolling-pin, i rolled my way around, smoothing the sides nicely.

Cutting the centre Super Bowl logo was quite a challenge!

The top is made of cut out pieces of sugarpaste, inlays-technique. Also a challenge as i (again) baked too big a cake - The board is 40cm!

I loved every single part of this project, thanks to my cousin´s husband for keeping me on my toes! -And for drawing such a great sketch to work from :-)

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  1. Posted by Jacque Benson Mon, February 08, 2010 18:37:41
    Your Saints Cake is awesome!! And must have been just what they needed to win the 2010 Superbowl!! Yea Saints!!

  2. Posted by Piamarianne Tue, February 09, 2010 17:15:49
    Thank you Jacque, that´s a nice thought! :-)

  3. Oh that is superb!! I love Fleur de Lis design...almost makes me want to make one of my own...maybe in pinks and pearls...vintagey! I found your blog thru Tammys blog, mysoutherncottage/cakes and cupcakes...really loving browsing your site. are those dummies made from icing? and how did you make the 'half' cupcake decorations on the blue and pink dummy cake? amazing!!! thanks for sharing your talents with the world!
    blessings, jessie new zealand

  4. Vintagey? That's a great idea! I Might have to try that, thanks for the idea, and for your kind words. You have a great blog yourself, you're so creative! :) I use styrofoam for my dummies mostly. The half cupcakes are a Mold from Squires Kitchen called "Tea time". Thanks again! :)