09 September 2011

Tutorial: Handpainted flower disks

Tools: Brushes no 1 or 2, white and brown edible colour,
clear alcohol for thinning the colour, a spatula to move the
disks around if necessary, plus a plate to mix the colour on.

1. step: Draw the outline with the tip of the brush in an upright position

2. step: Adjust the outline and start filling out with the white colour.
Make sure to use a very thin layer, or else it won´t dry up.

Mixing the colours. By adding a drop of clear alcohol
after mixing, the colours become more fluid.

3. step: Adding the branches. Because i don´t mix the
brown colour completely, i have several shades to use
wich makes them look more vivid. I use the tip of the
brush to "dot" lille leaves

4. step: "Dot" a half-circle center for the flower.
Best to let the white flower dry completely as the
colours tend to blend a bit.

Cupcakes with handpainted flower disks here

The fondant-disks are aprox. 4mm thick and have been drying for a couple of days on both sides.
Still they became a little soft when put on the frosting. Next time i´ll try using flowerpaste, it might be better.


  1. Bellissimo passo, passo!
    Grazie per averlo condiviso!

  2. Den ryger lige i gemmerne - det må jeg prøve. Tak for en fin tutorial. Meg hopper også lige på som fast læser :-)