24 September 2012

Scandinavian Cakeshow 2012

This is what i brought to Scandinavian Cakeshow 2012 - a small piece for the danish table. Not much due to the everlasting lack of time, but i felt the need to contribute even a little something, because Tårtdecor puts so much effort in this arrangement to please all us scandinavian cake-nerds. :)

We had a great weekend, i got home quite late last night only to take an early morning flight to the other end of the country to participate in product training regarding aggregates to forklifters -what a contrast- so now i´ll drag myself to bed to recharge for working overtime most of this week. -Yay.


  1. Ja - det var jeg da vist! Fejlen rettet, man skal lade være med at blogge når man er træt! :)