29 July 2012

Tart with Amarena cherries

Chopped chocolate melting on a hot tart..

Tart with sour creme/whipped cream with vanilla, dark chocolate, Amarena cherries and mint leaves from my herb-garden. - Danish recipe here

I have a strong feeling, this Fat Daddio baking tin and i will become very close friends! :)

28 July 2012


This dummy took like an hour or so to make - you gotta love the Blossom Sugar art molds for a fast production.

You simply roll out your fondant, cut with the cutter, place in the mold - press, and then you have the cutest little flower with amazing details. On the backside also!

The colour is Wiltons Pink Terracotta - nice :)


24 July 2012

Baby blue Regal Ice

Playing with Renshaws Regal ice, pre-dyed Baby blue. I´m not that big a fan of Regal Ice, but i found that adding a small amount of tylose powder to the fondant, it´s ok to work with, as this dummy shows. (pictures taken with an Iphone, through a window, and are not edited).
For borders and decorations a larger amount of tylose is needed.

Small crown from Patchwork cutters - The fondant holds shape nicely :)
Painted with Rainbow Dust Metallic´s, copper - Wow! Great to work with!

Rainbow Dust Metallic - Light silver - beautiful and delicate!

Rainbow Dust Metallic - Dark silver - so shiny.

Rainbow Dust Metallic - Dark gold - Wonderful.

Regal Ice on its own is not very useable for molds like the silicone-pearl mold, as the string of pearls breaks several times along the way when i try to remove it from the mold. But - by adding tylose again, it works!

Maybe Renshaws fondant is mostly for covering cakes? I don´t know for sure, but i know now that tylose powder does the trick for me anyways :)

16 July 2012


Strawberries dotted with yellow non-pareils :) Took some time but was fun!

10 July 2012

Summer holidays

At last summer holidays are here :)

With this cake from 2009 i wish you all a very happy summer!

08 July 2012

Rhubarb lemonade

An extremely refreshing drink on a hot summerday - and any other day in fact.
I love being able to decide wether to get pale or deeper colours by selecting very red rhubarb stems or the lighter ones.
I tried reducing the sugar to 200g and added a vanilla pod instead. I wouldn´t go lower on the sugar that just makes a bitter lemonade.

Get recipe here, at Camilla´s :)