19 November 2006

Sugar doll

Posted by Piamarianne Wed, July 30, 2008 22:00:31

This was my contribution to the winther-competition at Kagekompagniet in 2006.

I´d seen Marzela Sanchez demonstrate how to make sugardolls in Birmingham.

It won 1. prize :)

My daughter also won 1. prize in childrens competition, so this was a great day ;-)

Posted by Annette Wed, June 03, 2009 23:16:33
Wonderful cakes, congratulations!!! (even though in was in 2006 :-) ) Your lady figure is stunning, the best i've seen!!! Have you done any tutorials that are available to the public?

Posted by Piamarianne Mon, June 08, 2009 19:34:17
Thank you Annette, i´m thinking of making a tutorial, but i want to wait until i get my new camera! :-)

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