09 December 2011

Christmas Tree

I had tons of left-over fondant in all kinds of colours, so when i was given three dummies, i knew just what to do with it. Somehow, everytime i mix my left-over fondant in all kinds of colours, it allways come out brown...

I tried to disguise the very brown cake/dummy with stripes of white fondant, but maybe i shouldn´t have watched a film on telly at the same time. One really has to be precise to get them straight! The sugar-canes marks that the cake is best viewed from this angle - and this angle only ;-)

I loved! making the tree. A styrofoam cone with piped royal icing-shells. It just doesn´t get any easier. It looked really pretty in white, but it needed colour to go with the rest of the cake, so it´s painted with Americolor´s Forest Green diluted in clear alcohol.


  1. Århhhhh hvor er den smuk, Pia!!!

  2. Den er virkelig virkelig smuk. Elsker måden du har lavet striberne på.

  3. I love this cake. It's perfect! Nice work once again :)

    Have a nice and relaxing Christmas time,
    Annika (ancka bakar kakor)

  4. Meget meget smuk kage. Og træet er bare vidunderligt.