20 August 2008

Scandinavian Cakeshow 2008

by Piamarianne August 20, 2008 22:34

This is my inspiration for a cake i am bringing to the
Scandinavian Cake Show in Sweden 6-7. Aug 2008.

Posted by Annette Tue, May 26, 2009 08:16:32
I wish I had known about this before I got back last year. I was in Denmark until Aug 4th and then when I got back to Canada I saw that there was a cake show!! Boy was I upset about that. Maybe next time I am in Denmark there will be something else happening :-)
take care,

Posted by Piamarianne Tue, May 26, 2009 20:19:46
Hi Annette,

I can strongly recommend the Cakeshow (though it´s in Sweden - not too far from little ol´ Denmark). The show is not too big or fancy (yet) but it´l get there, i´m sure :-)
My cake-friends and i are already booked for the next show, it´s so exciting to see what we´ll come up with!

by Piamarianne August 26, 2008 19:34

Colouring sugarpaste can be somewhat time-consuming, at least if you are going for exactly that perticular shade. The sugarpaste-part was easy. I emptied my bucket of left-over-sugarpaste and mixed it into one big ball and got the most wonderful yucky colour! The hard part was to achieve the same colour for the pastillage. But after an hour or so, the colouring was (almost) alike. Now i just cross my fingers, that there´s enough, because im not that lucky once again..

The cup is from one of my daughter´s ice-creams in France this summer. I knew i would need it some day. And it´s perfect for my fountain Competition is 10 days away, my schedule is full and i haven´t even started yet!

by Piamarianne August 27, 2008 19:12
Most of the parts are done. I have to wait with the last parts till tomorrow. The pieces have to dry completely before i can lean other parts on them. The real fountain is in poor shape, but it´ll be too time-consuming to add the patina. I´ve had problems with the design of the cake, big parts having to go on small sides etc, so i´ve had to re-design it whilst making the parts..
Posted by Piamarianne September 01, 2008 16:25
I´m so releaved now that the dummies are covered. Don´t know why, because that´s the easy part, but i feel like i´m finally getting somewhere.

Posted by Piamarianne September 1, 2008 19:05
These certainly took a while!
I must have tried out every single piece of cake-gizmo i have - and i have a lot!
I needed a mold of some kind, and finally i found one i could use. Had to re-mold it and add detail to fit though.

Now i have to finish six if them...

Posted by Piamarianne September 2, 2008 20:14

The flooring came out great. I´ve been washing the floor with water and maizena flour again and again, trying to achieve a used look. I like it.

Posted by Piamarianne September 3, 2008 21:00

I´ve been avoiding these till last moment, i did´nt quite know how to make them, but as it turns out they were totally easy and came out just right in first attempt! :)

Posted by Piamarianne September 4, 2008 22:30
Still have to finish the fountain, but my "artistic veine" has run absolutely dry for now. I have a few hours tomorrow to spend on this project, so i really hope the fountain will behave! -Cross fingers!
Posted by Piamarianne September 5, 2008 10:41

I somehow managed to finish the cake. It has been a busy few weeks, and this cake topped it all.
It´s not completely how i wanted it, I´m satisfied but i would have loved to have more time to add the final touches such as branches, weeds and the patina.


Posted by Annette Tue, May 26, 2009 08:13:58
Pia, your cake was amazing!! Thank you for sharing :-)

Posted by Piamarianne Tue, May 26, 2009 20:31:50
Thank you so much Annette :-)

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