30 March 2008

Tutorial - Cruiser

I stumbled across a tutorial in my archives for a boat i made once, maybe someone will find it useful:
(Please excuse the mess, but it was late one night...).

The fondant cruiser is made directly on the sketches of the
actual cruiser to ensure as correct proportions as possible.
It´s essential  that the decks (of flowerpaste) on the cruiser
dries completely so they won´t skew. The two sides is half-
dried so they´ll  cooperate when being attached to the hull.

The cabin drying on a chunk of fondant, later removed.
-Drying time is needed several times during the process.

Since there are no cutters available in stores for this cruiser,
i´m cutting away untill  the pieces fits. -Using a lot of tools,
drinking a lot of coffee!


Couches added, bits and pieces made. The sugargun
once again working its magic!

Mast made of wooden dowels secured with grey balls of
fondant, resting on the cabin-roof on a chunk of fondant.

Details added, and there is the crusier.
See the cake here - scroll halfway down.


  1. Great job on the tutorial... loved the finished boat!

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