31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone of y´all 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun and 365 days of good health.
(I know this phrase is longer, but in my oppinion this covers the most important :)

This dummy is made for an online contest at SCD. I did´tn really have the time for it, but the contest was announced like ½ year ago, and at the time i said i would participate, so i found the time somewhere after all. The theme was this pretty napkin:

Anyway, i expect it to land on one of the 4 first places... ´cause there are only 4 competitors! :)


  1. Den er så smuk! Du er i sandhed en sukkerkunstner!
    Godt nytår til dig :-)

  2. Tak, mange tak for de pæne ord! :)

  3. Piacere mi chiamo Antonella,
    navigando mi son ritrovata nel suo blog, devo dirle è stato un bell'incedere... complimenti lei è un'artista! Bellissime le torte.
    A presto

  4. Mille grazie Antonella, sono contento che ti piacciono le mie piccole opere d'arte :)