19 December 2010

Vanilla Wreths

I bake vanilla wreaths´s every year for Christmas. A good collegue of mine gave me the recipe for....well many years ago. Nobody eats them on christmas eve, but they´re nice to have during december if people comes by for coffee, and a great give-away too:

500g flour - 375g butter - 250g sugar - 125g chopped almonds with or without the skin - 1 large egg - 1½ teaspoon vanillasugar.

Mix softened butter, flour, sugar and chopped almonds well. Add egg and vanillasugar and cool in fridge for 1 hour.
Run through a grinder with a star-plate, form rings and put on a baking-sheet, bake in oven for 200 degree celcius for 10-12 min. Cool off on a cooling rack.


  1. Åhr, hvor er de søde de dåser. Det må da være en oplagt julegave til sig selv :-)

  2. De er nemlig vildt søde - og så er de ikke ret dyre :)

  3. Ingen jul uden vanillakranse :-)