10 January 2011

My cakes in 2010

This is what i used my limited amount of sparetime for in 2010.
Many dummies in between, but still - a lot of calories! 
Such a tastefull hobby this is.

Fun and interesting things happened in my small cakeworld in 2010.

The Saints Cake was posted on a NFL-forum, and the feedback was quite interesting. Someone called it a decorated orga** - Spoken by a true Saints-fan.
Another one on the forum saw this website and compared my work with Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss! -Of course hugely exaggerated, and i promise not to let it get to my head ;)

I got a mail from Jackie, asking if i had anything for the new Cakecentral Magazine -Wow. I was on holiday at the time, and saw the mail too late to do anything about it. Not that i would be able to make anything as fabulous as the projects in Cakecentral Magazine - ever.

Then there was the book. It was a pleasant surprise when it got published, and my pictures really were in it! Plus i still can´t get over, such fine company! I mean... Lindy Smith? -Cake Lava? - And then Piamarianne from Slangerup... that´s an odd feeling!

For Scandinavian Cakeshow 2010 i was invited to bring a cake for table of honour. The honour was all mine! :)

A lovely cake-shop, Sofisticake opened in Roskilde. I get to exibit my dummies there and a local newspaper made an interview with the owner, publicing large photos of my Oilily-dummy. Costumers there sometimes actually asks to buy my dummies. I don´t know what anybody will use a 5-tier weddingcake for in a private household, but i take it as a fine recognition of my work.

One of my idols, Colette Peters clicked by Cakeryblog. Recieving an email from Colette herself - the maker of cakes to the Clinton´s amongst others almost made me a little dizzy :)

Finally, i had a cake on Cakewrecks! That would make any cake-maker shiver, but fortunatelly it was in the Sunday Sweets-section :)

Even though i don´t live off the cakes or run a business, i find it fascinating to see how many people come by my blog everyday. I´d like to thank you all for that. My hope is, that you get inspired by my work, as i get inspired around the internet.

Here´s hoping for lots of fun in a wold of sugar for everybody in 2011!


  1. Skøn collage og der er godt nok mange...
    Kageknus herfra

  2. Tak Signe, ja det er alligevel blevet til nogle stykker selvom jeg har været meget dygtig til at begrænse mig :)