01 January 1999

Theme: Ferrari

I have been going through my old pictures and found some Ferrari´s.

I´ll have to excuse the poor quality of the photo´s -and of the cakes, but it´s like everything else, practice makes perfect! -So i´ll just keep practicing ;)

2008: For a boys 3. birthday, a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercreme.
Placed on my, at the time newly purchased cakestand. They fit each other nicely i think! :)

2008: A confirmation cake for a young lad - a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. This Ferrari insisted on really soft edges - there was just no way to "sharpen it up". Sometimes cakes have a will of their own! I´m sure some of you will agree.

2007: My first Ferrari - For a boys 11. birthday, a vanilla cake with strawberry mousse and "Toms" chocolateturtle ganache. -My old camera and i just weren´t that good friends!

I use the Ferrari Enzo as a model. I fill and stack the cake and then start carving away. If i cut off too much, i "glue" it back together with cake-crumble and chocolate-buttercreme.
I saw somewhere on the internet people using cardboard templates, that might make it easier to achieve the right shape.

If you´d like to make a car-cake someday, there´s great help to get here: Make fabulous Cakes There are also other great tutorials and beautiful cakes!



  1. Meget flotte og kreativt med fartstriberne!

    Og ja, det kan du godt sige igen! Kager har deres eget liv! :-D

  2. Tak Godte, jeg er selv lidt vild med fartstriberne :)
    -Kager der har deres eget liv er utrolig belastende, og skal bare spises hurtigst muligt! :)

  3. Hi PiaMarianne,

    Your cake look lovely. Nice. You are very creative.
    I also had make some Ferrari Cake but not with Fondant to cover as yours.

  4. Love that Ferrari cake - very cool! Another great resource for making car cakes is Mike McCarey's Cakenology Vol 1 DVD - it helped me a lot!

  5. @Rizza: Thank you, i went to see your Ferrari´s, they are awesome! It looks like you use buttercreme? Must be so complicated, but look fab :)

    @Jenniffer: Thanks, i haven´t heard of Mike McCarey, have to check it out.

  6. Thank you Rizza, i went to see your ferrari´s, it looks like you are using buttercreme, amazing! :)

  7. PiaMarianne,
    Thanks. I only used Ganache for the icing. Yeah, a bit difficult.

  8. Wow Rizza, i'm totally impressed!! :)