28 January 2012

Gardenia - The cake

 So this was the purpose of the gardenia.

Fits nicely :)

Tutorial for Gardenia here

The lace-border is made by using hard resin Ayka-molds. A favourite tool!


  1. Flot kage. Brun og lyserød klæder hinanden rigtig flot

  2. I just found your blog this morning and I have poured over every page so far. Thank you for detailing your work. I would like to ask you about your Mini dummy cake forms. Do you make them or buy them?
    I have purchased them before but the smallest I can find is 6 inchs/ 15cm. I have thought of using Oasis but the texture is so crumbly.....any advice?

  3. Tak skal du have Lene - Brun og lyserød, en klassiker :)

    Thank you Wayne - I actually do use oasis, even the "wet" version, i can´t find the dry blocks anywhere. I cut them in layers with my cake-leveller: http://cakeryblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/1000-ideas.html

    -And glue them together with Royal Icing. My advice would be to use a large make-up brush to dust off the crumbles. I´ve done this several times, and it works. -A bit messy though...

  4. Er virkelig inspireret af din kager - de er super flotte!

    Vil spørge dig, hvad du bruger til at lave 'broderiet' i det lyserøde? Kan ikke finde noget mønster, præger eller lign som ligner?

    Mange Hilsner Lotte

  5. Tak Lotte, jeg har sat billede ind af Ayka-formene jeg bruger :)