07 January 2012

A very small royal cake.

Since this cake got its very own section in the article on cupcakes in our local newspapers, i better show it. I made it in 2006 for a gathering with my cake-club, and it is made after one of danish Countess Alexandra´s beautiful robes.

 I´m not that royal a person but i did love making the medallions.

I even made the medallion with a portrait of the queen - and rapidly covered it with pearl dust, it wasn´t that good!

Not a very clear picture, but the robe has a white embroidery and small blue stones - Gorgeous! -Some people might recall there was an outcry because the ribbon was put on inversely. Well, she still looks adorable.

Hmmm, a royal left-over-cake? :)


  1. Mange tak :) Det er én af de kager, jeg har lyst til at lave igen. -Har stadig figurerne nemlig...