02 January 2012

My cakes in 2011

2011 in cakes. A lot of smaller projects but it still amounts to aprox. one project for this blog pr. week wich was, and is the goal :-)

A few small anekdotes from the past year:

My easter-bunny-dummy hit cakewrecks. I have to brag just a wee bit, it IS the 2. time one of my cakes are featured there. -In Sunday Sweets mind you, not amongst the wrecks. (Allthough i might have a couple of candidates, but please don´t tell)...!

Maileg saw the bunny-dummy and got permission to use it for their newsletter wich reaches aprox. 3500 Maileg fans!

I´d tried out the Lambeth-method with no luck, so i attended a course with the great Sif wich was indeed very interesting and instructive.

I also wanted to learn more about painting on cakes, so the course with Marlene at Sofisticake was just what i needed. 

Someone submitted one of my Ferrari cakes on this page - it sure looks a bit funny amongst all that expensive metal!

Cakeryblog has been pinned. I better find out what this pinterest-thing is, it seems to be very popular!

It was great fun having Roskilde dagblad visiting last month. They wanted to write an article on cupcakes and why it seems so important to decorate away like the trends are these days - after all "it´s just cake". So i told them. :)  I haven´t seen the article yet, even though the paper was published last week.

Top 10 posts:

I still love my little sugar-hobby, and I´m glad to see many people click by here daily. - Most of you are from abroad, so I´ll continue posting in english.
I also really enjoy meeting replicas of my work here and there - thank you guys, for linking back! :)
All in all this year has mostly been about wishing to create interesting cakes on several occasions, but having to settle with un-decorated cakes or none at all. I will love to fulfill others, but especially my own expectations in 2012, so here´s to hoping that my full-time work will get back to "normal" any time soon, and will stop taking up so much time and energy as it has most of this year.

Thank you all so much for participating and following.

 I wish everybody even more fun in a world of sugar 2012!